FIngerprint recognition for Windows scripts

We wanted to personalize interaction with the computer using the Synaptics fingerprint ID sensor. One of our goals was to create a framework for hotkeys based on fingerprint recognition software and ideally we wanted to use biometrics to authenticate with Windows.

We reverse engineered and patched the binary provided by Synaptics - we did not have access to their source code- in order to continuously read and store fingerprint data at fixed intervals. With this data we developed proof of concept hotkey software, using the SourceAFIS fingerprint recognition API, that will open different applications based on the finger touched to the sensor.

We also worked on using a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Galaxy S4 to read fingerprints. This would allow people to use our software without having access to a dedicated fingerprint scanner.

Our biggest challenge involved spending a lot of time working with Windows internals and credential providers to try to directly interface the fingerprint sensor with the Windows login screen. We hope to have it ready by the time we present!

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