SOS - Personal Protection App

The only safety app you'll ever need

This app is a personal safety app which works in 2 modes.

Bar Mode- Imagine coming back from a bar and you want to go back home, but you aren't in a situation to because you're super drunk. With this app, all you need to do is take out your phone and tap the "Bar Mode" and it'll inform your 3 emergency contacts about your situation along with your location. It also calls an Uber cab for you through deep-linking with the Uber API and gives them your pickup location and your home address. All of this at the press of just one button.

Emergency Mode- If you're in a more extreme situation, like someone trying to mug you. You just open the app and hit the red button, "Emergency Mode" and this app uses the Twilio API to inform your emergency contacts about your location and also sends a message to 911 that you need help with your location. It also informs everyone on the network within a radius of 1 km near you that you need help, so that they can reach out to you and help you out.

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