Verse: Sentiment-Analyzing Music Visualizer for Oculus

Experience music in this immersive Oculus Rift music visualizer that analyzes music and lyrics for emotion.

Experience the future of music: Verse. As technology continues to become more and more interactive and immersive, the natural next step of the music video is to be immersed inside the emotional state of the song you are listening to.

Verse scrapes the lyrics of a song and uses the HP IDOL API to analyze the positive or negative emotions associated with the lyrics. It uses these sentiments to craft an organic landscape unique to the song in which you can explore. Watch as the environment reacts to the audio playing; a circle of fountains react to the amplitudes of various frequency bands in the music, much like the bars on a stereo. The sky becomes sunny or rainy based on the mood of the song, and lightning flashes on the beats of angry songs.

All of this works to put you in the unique emotional state of the music you listen to. Experience songs in the most immersive, engaging way yet imagined.

Verse is built for the Oculus Rift, using Unity3d.

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