Forage helps those who need food to find food, and helps those with excess food share it with those in need.

Our inspiration came from the Google talk at HackMIT and the fact that food waste + hunger are significant problems in the world. At the Google talk, we learned that although 30% of the world has connection to the internet, 60% has access to a phone. We want to help those in need by providing them a way to access food through a Food Locker. The Food Lockers will be placed through the city so that people can drop off food in the Locker for others who are down on their luck and hungry. Those with smart phones can use our mobile site to specify which foods they will be dropping off at a specific Food Locker. Those without smart phones, can text a number and receive a message with information about the nearest Food Locker to them which contains food. The information that sent and received is related to the food item being place in the Food Locker, the dietary restrictions of the food item, and the location that the food is being placed.

We hope that our project will help those in need, while making it easier for people to make better use of their excess food.

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