Novel gesture-based environment interaction

When we heard about the EMG technology powering Thalmic's Myo armband, we knew right away we wanted to work on a project involving cutting-edge gesture control. Thinking of ideas ranging from virtual pong to enhanced virtual reality, we decided that the most practical use of the Myo would be a new type of environment interaction. Within a much caffeinated 24 hours at HackMIT, we accomplished our initial goals of designing and prototyping a versatile device control system that we called Force (Star Wars, anyone?). The target user - anyone living in the 21st century - would wear an armband that would let him or her simply point to an appliance like a lamp or fan and turn it on or off with a flick of the wrist. We also demonstrated a proof of concept for information retrieval, such as taking a virtual menu while passing through a restaurant, as well as a high-tech wireless payment method. All in all, our hack with the Myo evinces what the future of human-computer interaction can look like and its potential impacts on day-to-day interactions with the environment.

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